Frequently Asked Questions

Does work with other types of documents?

Not at this time. We only handle PDF documents.

Why does the PDF document I upload need to be unsecured?

Because can only watermark unsecured PDF documents. We apply your requested security features including print restrictions, copy/paste restrictions, etc. when we product the final document at download time.

Are there any limits to the size of PDF document I can upload?

No. We’ve tested with PDF documents as large as 800 pages.

How to I configure my shopping cart to deliver PDF documents through

We provide you with a single line of Web code that you copy/paste into your shopping cart’s check-out code at the point of purchase. Invoking that code will tell what document to fetch and the customer’s name and e-mail address (to be used to watermark the document and deliver a e-mail with a download link).

Do you use my customer information for any other purpose?

No, we never disclose customer information to 3rd parties and we never use it for any purpose other than the delivery of your documents.

Can I send more than one document at a time?

Yes. You can upload multiple documents into a package. We will stamp and deliver all documents in a package.

Are their limits on the number of documents I can have?

No. Currently there are no limits. We may impose limits in the future depending on use.

Are there any limits on the number of documents I can send out per month?

No. Currently there are no limits. We may impose limits on lower cost service tiers in the future.

Can I customize the content in the e-mail you send to my customers?

Yes. You can upload your logo and provide your own text. This will be included in the message we send.