Personalize, Share & Track Your PDFs!

Instant.Pub makes it easy.

We can help you safely and automatically share PDFs and other documents with your employees, students, prospects, customers or anyone! also discourages unauthorized use, sharing, and copying of your content.

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What Can Instant.Pub Do For You?

License, Share & Track Your PDFs

How do you quickly and safely share your PDF documents? Not printing – too slow and too expensive. Not DRM software – it's expensive and a burden to use.

Now there's Instant.Pub. It's fast, easy to use, and cost-effective. We also keep you safe by helping your customers understand the license they must abide by, inserting that license into your PDF, and tracking the way that PDF is used.

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Fast, Automated Document Delivery

We work with you to deliver your PDFs your way. You can manually fill orders using our great website, or you can use our fast and well documented REST API to automate PDf delivery.

Either way, when an order is placed your customer will receive an email with a unique download link. Thanks to our order tracking system you will know when the email has been delivered, when the link has been opened, and more.

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Protect Intellectual Property

Instant.Pub does everything possible to keep your PDF safe. You can watermark every page, insert the license they signed, and add the details in ways the customer can't see. This way if the PDF is shared you know who is responsible.

We also insert links that the user can click on to check for updates to the PDF. This checks for updates but it also checks for suspicious activity. Printing and copy & pasting can also be disabled.

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Increase Your Sales & Profits

Being a publisher can be tough. Printing, binding, shipping, over-stock, and under-stock threaten to eat up all your profits. And if you're not using physical books, you have to choose between expensive and frustrating DRM tools, or the the threat of piracy.

With Instant.Pub, there is no need to worry about any of that. We get your customers their PDFs lighting fast and at a price that will blow you away.

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How Does It Work?

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Upload A Document

PDFs and many other filetypes supported

Make a Package

Package your document with others and a license

Create An Order

Manually or with our great API

Track Use & Misuse

Tracking technology lets you see how and where your documents are used.

What Steps Do We Take to Protect You?

Customer-Specific Licenses Added to PDF

Easily insert common licenses or add your own, with support for many different types of macros! PDF has many security features to prevent alteration.

User Info Hidden in PDF

Each PDF has the user's information hidden inside, so if it shows up somewhere it shouldn't you'll know who put it there.

Logs Show Where PDF Is Downloaded

Every time a document is downloaded with an Instant.Pub link, a log is made. Download limits can be set.

PDF Phones Home

Every time the PDF is opened, it sends us information on where it is and who is using it. Some PDF viewers block this but many of the most common don't! Links offering updates are inserted, so even if the PDF isn't able to phone home automatically users may still click on the links and reveal their location. Multiple concurrent locations can reveal misuse!
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How Do We Save You Money?

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No Need To Print Documents

Printing documents get expensive fast and hurts the planet. Doing it quickly costs even more. Doing it ahead of time risks printing too many or too few. With us you have the convenience and low price of digital with the safety of physical!

No Delivery Headaches

Our e-mail based delivery service is fast and cheap. Unlike delivering paper documents, there are no lost shipments, no high courier fees, no shipping delays, and no border problems like delays or custom fees.

Fix Customer Issues Quickly

If you are delivering paper documents and a customer gives you the wrong address, it's a big deal. With problems like that can be corrected quickly so everyone is happy.

Reduce the Threat of Piracy

Paper documents are expensive to copy, which makes piracy harder but hurts your bottom line. PDFs are cheap to copy, making them easy to pirate. Until now. Instant.Pub's security features mean you can have the efficiency of digital and the safety of physical!

Instant.Pub vs The Competition

Us Print / Ship DRM Service
Low Unit Cost
Low Monthly Service Cost
Low Delivery Time
Low Complexity for Customer
Easy to Administrate
Fully Automated Delivery
Shopping Cart Integration
Effective Protection Against Misuse
100% Protection Against Misuse

We Support You

We're a customer-focused business, so your problem will receive our full attention!
We're fast and responsive, so your problem will be fixed faster than you can believe!
Have an idea for us? We're just getting started so every feature request will be considered!
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